Soul Rebel Tour Finale (Oceanside)

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When see someone doing what they were made to do it inspires you to find your passion...

Over past few years i've had the privilege to get to know John and to see him grow as an artist. I can't say there is anyone like him. He's found way to make amazing music. Music that not only is dope, but has a point. When you see John in his community there are two things you will notice, first he is met with an incredible amount of respect everywhere he goes, and second is that all he wants to see is that his city, Oceanside, can heal from the many issues that have plagued it for years. That was the purpose of this finale show, John wanted to reach out to the community and be a light to the community. In the end the show was an overwhelming success, all i can say is that John isn't going anywhere, he'll be around for a long while making noise. If you've yet hear about John or you just don't know where to find his music here are some links.  

SoundCloud   Itunes 

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