Being Brandy

Some opportunities are once in a lifetime. And when those opportunities we must meet the challenges they bring with them. When I was offered this chance, to be honest I know in the moment that I was ready for it. The crazy thing about this is just a week before I was overlooked for an opportunity to shoot Lecrae in concert, i truly wondered why that happened and if that meant i wasn't good enough to be pushing forward in this work. But when i got the call for this event I realized that not only was I ready, but that this was the opportunity I had been preparing for over the years. The craziest part of this whole night was how easily things flowed and the time I had to actually spend getting to know Brandy a bit, it was amazing to see that she aside from what people may think of her, is still human. The event itself was for the premier of her show that premiered last month on Centric "Being Brandy". The show contained a good amount of personal information and somethings that for her were a bit nerve racking and left her wanting to sit in a corner with some headphones in her ears. That just reminded me of the fact that no matter how successful we are to become we can't allow ourselves to be changed to much that we forget what its like to be human and have everyday human worries. Our successes cannot put us on a pedestal. Our success should open to door not only for us to do bigger and better things, but it should also your opportunity to open a door for others.