What are your limits?

Model : Clyla Boykins

In the years since i began shooting, one of the things that has always been my goal is to make my imagination a reality. As in shooting the ideas and getting the exact result that i saw in my head. Sometimes it takes collaboration to make that happen, in this case i had the greatest opportunity not only to meet up with a new friend ( who can also say is a long time friend i know weird) Savannah Shealy. We originally met in the VSCO group on facebook because of our shared love of photographer KB (rapper). Since then we have been fast friends and we were just biding our time until we had the chance to team up and make something happen. When i finally knew i was going to be in Florida for some time i knew i had to connect with her so i started coming up with ideas. One idea that kept bugging me was combining physical effects such as smoke, faux rose petals, and prisms. I will endeavor to explain not only how we achieved it the result, but know that this will be different, this is my first collaboration blog post with someone outside of the collective i hope you all like it and I will link you to Savannah's blog post.   

My love for this set knows no bounds, mainly because i had the chance to use my favorite lens the Sigma 35mm Art. It was important to me that I not only have my subject stand in a place of power, but also elegance. That elegance needed to reach into the framing & the edit. I call it classic tampa. For this shot specifically I was shooting upwards on the model ( usually rule that is not meant to be broken). What I've learned in my time shooting is that when it comes to this work balance is important, sometimes balance comes at the price of you needing to struggle to stay on your feet while standing on a ledge, in this case those were the exact conditions. 

As it got darker i really had to push my camera. I decided that as it got darker i wanted to push myself to do what i would never do. So i made my focus on creating a look that replicates film. This look that i achieved is what i called classic tampa. Here are a few images coincide with the one above. 

The images below are some of the most important images that I have been apart of in my entire career. For these photos we took time not only to shoot, but also to set them up. For these shots we used: Canon 5d mark ii, Sigma 35 art, a prism, a concave piece of glass, 2 containers of faux roses petals, and of course an assistant ( thanks James). These photos were completely based on timing, and angle 


So now to give an small idea of what it took to take these photos from my imagination to LCD of the camera. First we positioned Clyla in the center of the space, we had James go above us on the overhanging ledge. Before we had him sprinkle the petals we had to get all of our angles in order. For this photo we had just about 4 angles that we had to account for, the angle/height of the camera, the angle at which the prism was set & the angle at which the concave glass was pointed, I also had to make sure that the angle I was set at didn't cast a shadow over the camera or onto our subject. Ultimately the final result that we attained was the exact image I saw in my head. I have to say that there's no way this would have been completed without Savannah working through the steps with me. This series of images is so big to the both of us that we had to do a double blog post, head over to her blog and check it out!