Simply Complex

Often times we choose those that we look up to based on what they do and how good they are at the work they do. That for me has been the issue in looking up to others, we focus in on what they do and not who they are as people. Over the last couple of years, I've been blessed to have the opportunity to get to know some really amazing artists. People who have really influenced not only how I continue to grow in my craft, but people who have pushed me to continue to grow as a person. People like Ray Spears who is consistently showing that not only does he care about composing a great image, but ultimately if he isn't aiding in making a the world a better place (CC3 series )then he's not doing enough. I think of Temi Coker, someone whose focus isn't on creating beautiful images connected to even more beautiful stories (if you haven't heard of his book Temi X Nigeria or his Mothers day series this is your chance to check them out). I see the work Emari Traffie puts out and wonder how can this person call me friend, we definitely aren't in the same place talent wise, but being connected to her has been a source of growth and inspiration ( check out her folio

The reason i mentioned those three specifically, and honestly in my heart there's no specific order they all have influenced & encouraged me in their special ways. When I set out to shoot this set I really had my mind set on creating some thing that was minimalistic with a very classic feel that hopefully allows the viewer the opportunity to be transported to very moment the photos were taken and feel the warmth of the sun. I had no interest in overloading the images with layers of complexity. My mind was so set on creating something so simple that even minor details like cracks or specks in the ground needed to be removed so that there was no distraction from the subject. As always Shorty rose to occasion and as a result we created something that I am extremely proud of as an end result. The question is what do you think ? Do you feel like this type of work is something you would like to see more of ?