Studio Time Atlanta

Back in December I had what i consider to be an honor to visit Reach Records for the second time. This time around i had the opportunity to meet some great people like Dimitri Mcdowell, Andy Mineo, and Tyshane Thompson. I can't say that I truly expected to have the opportunity to photograph Andy while in studio, but when it was presented to me I was ready for the challenge. I realized a couple things during my time in studio. First was something that i feel like wasn't really a lesson for me, but more so for that look up to these people. They are just that people, we cannot limit them to our perceptions or ideals of what we expect them to do. Second when trying new things we must be willing to make mistakes. We have to be open to the possibility that we will fall flat on our faces. But in that we have to realize that our "mistakes" are sometimes the things that make our work our work. No one will ever be able to do produce a product like yours try as they may they will always fall short of the mark. We have to be willing to be individuals and to create art that is true to ourselves and not someone else's truth or perception of who we are suppose to be. We have to know who we are first and we have to remember that who we are, is more important than what we do.


If you haven't heard of Andy Mineo here are a couple links to his music

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