1. Its About Appreciation

The world is full of many amazing people that everyday contribute to improving society. I feel as though my purpose to everyday take time to express just how much I appreciate black women. They add something to society that no other group of people can possibly bring to the world. None of what I'm saying take away from the great things that others are doing. So what I am saying is this, the acknowledgment of the greatness of one doesn't take away from the greatness of another. Since it's a while since the last time I shared a blog post with you all I figured i should take time to share not only new work, while showcases some of the many traits I've noticed black women possess, while pairing them with the traits I've seen in them. 



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Something amazing about the love that only a mother can show, but there's something to be said about the love that a black mother provides. I mean i understand that everyone believes great things about their mothers. But here's the thing at every turn black women are beaten up by society and told consistently that they aren't good enough or that their contribution isn't worth much. What black women have proven for years is that no matter the odds the love that they have for their children is something that will never be shaken. They sacrifice everything for the sake of that love.  Black woman keep on loving.



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We have been programmed to see struggle as weakness, when in actuality struggles are a sign of true strength. The problem is found in our definition of strength. Strength is holding on even when everything in you says to let go. Strength is fighting to the pain that life throws at you and finding a reason to smile. Society has found a myriad of inventive ways to trick black women into believing they couldn't possibly be strong. The truth of the matter is this you are strong, your strength comes from the very things that have been set in your path to beat you up. Black woman keep moving forward. 




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Most often grace takes on many forms, but for many it's just something in their presences. One thing that is undeniable is this each and every black woman that I've come into contact with that presence or grace is something that effects the way everyone who interacts with them. The grace that black women possess is something that makes you look inside yourself and wonder how you could possibly be a better person. Black woman your grace will change the world. 



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There's one undeniable truth each and every black woman has this amazing presence. When she walks into a room you give her your attention. You give her that attention because without realizing it, you know she deserves it. The presence of a black woman is like sunshine in spring. The presence that they posses is the thing that allows each one of them the glide through these spaces with grace. There is a certain beauty found in the presence that each and every black woman possess. Black woman, your presence is power, it is light. 



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You can get in line to fight me on this point (you'd lose), but there is no beauty in this world like the beauty black women posses. From their beautiful hair, natural or otherwise. To their beautiful smiles. Over the years, i've devoted a great deal of time to define the word for myself. Beauty to me is simply this, it starts with personalities those intangible things that there is no control over, and it works its way through every part of their being. Beautiful isn't something everyone has, but anyone can be pretty. My belief is that its most important to take time regularly to show appreciation for black women & their beauty. Black woman your beauty is incomparable, let no man (or woman) convince of otherwise.  

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Society is a mess, we've been taught to view the physical attributes of black women as all they have to offer. This is a point that has been beaten into our heads over and over. Which essentially has led to the consistent devaluing of the very individuals that add so much to world. It should no longer be okay to over look who black women truly are; black women are intelligent, innovative, world-changing individuals that should no longer be taken for granted. Black woman you have been overlooked time and time again, but I want you to know you are appreciated. You are loved.