questionable intent - redlands (6 of 18).jpg

This is a mini-story that my good friend and film major friend David and I created one night in redlands, it actually has a little mini short that will release soon that goes along with the character that we set out to create. This series like a good movie script goes full circle film inspired color and b/w, from the VSCO film 06 pack. 

The character has no name, no place to call home, but he knows where he wants to go. He’s seen what the world has to offer and has no interest in be apart of what the world has to offer.  As Michael Keaton said in “Dark Knight”    “Some men just want to watch the world burn” our guy wants to have that view.

If you would like more photo series like this one, let me know, each time the story will be better and the details behind the set will be greater, I promise. 

What story do you see? 

Barry Daly