"FREEZE!! GET ON THE GROUND AND PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!" - Was what officer-whatever-his-name-was yelled at us. If you're someone who likes to explore the unknown, I'm sure at some point you have trespassed somewhere you had no idea was off limits... or you did but.. uhm, didn't care. A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I were in Deland, Florida exploring the historic parts of the city. My goal was give my Cannon a break and go back to my roots: capture some images with my iPhone 5s. We found this old and very alluring building and started taking pictures. But not even five minutes into our adventure, we were interrupted by at least ten officers yelling to hit the floor, as if we were planting bombs or something of the sort. Apparently, we missed the trespassing signs surrounding the historic hotel/club. They asked us what we were doing there, and I replied "taking pictures". They scoffed because I didn't have an actual "camera" and was holding my iPhone.  

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time I found myself in this situation and was met with the same response. I think it's sad that some people assume you can't take dope pictures without a super fancy DSLR camera. Not too long ago, I was shooting at an abandoned high school on a hill not far from me. Of course, the cops rolled up. The officers asked us their usual questions, why we were there and whatnot. When I said I was taking pictures, one officer in particular asked where my camera was. Long story short, she was also a photographer. She has no idea that iPhone-Photography was a thing. I was able to show her my Instagram Grid (which at that time was composed of only iPhone photos). The quality of the photos I was able to capture without a professional camera shocked her, and changed her view on modern photography. 

If you, or someone you know, believes the lie that you can't create something with the simple things that you have, I hope this helps change your mind. These are some of the pictures I took with my iPhone that day in Deland. Hopefully, you believe me and attempt to go shoot with your phone after reading this. But before you trespass, if you can, attempt to speak with someone in charge of the property before stepping onto it. You'd be surprised what can happen. Good luck shooting!