Marketing / Management / Model / Talent Devlopment

Writer/ Actor / MODEL / Musician 


"Greetings, my name is Jay, and I currently am studying Physical Therapy. You could say I'm a huge Hip-Hop, food, and film enthusiast. I decided to join PRo the collective because i believe we all have the potential to be visionaries, born with our own unique mannerisms and quirks that ultimately creates our perceptions of the world and life. Its up to me to help influence others to understand that we are all human, and that our goal should be to strive for community and love. We're all part of this vast world, puzzle pieces to this vibrant picture of life. I want to continually bless others and myself through this collective, and hopefully you will catch a spark of creativity that we strive to share everyday. Oh by the way I really like Chipotle too. Just saying....